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ATLAS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS supply and service products of more than 20 suppliers, based local and globally. AIS are capable to provide and maintain products used in a broad spectrum of instrumentation and sensors.

Advantages of Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic flow meters, also known as electromagnetic flow meters or mag meters, are often selected because they are obstruction less, cost-effective for aggressive chemicals and slurries and provide highly accurate volumetric flow measurement. A range of liner materials, electrode options and line sizes accommodate a wide variety of process applications.

Mag meters can measure fluids bi-directionally, are effective for both very low and high-volume flow rates.

Pulp Production Process

Let AIS helps leading-edge Pulp Productions plants through automation solutions that enable plant-wide integration and lifecycle optimisation.


Calibration of Flow Meters

Almost each type of flow meter application requires its own calibration procedure. Therefore quite a lot of information is needed before running a calibration. Examples of questions we would like to ask before calibrating your meter are; – What type of meter is it? – What liquid is it operating in? – How is it used (continuous, batching, installation)? – What accuracy is needed?

Smart Positioners

We have developed a mounting solution to mount a smart digital positioner on to the Kent Power Cylinder. This modification / retrofit not only modernises the cylinder but also gives greater control and flexibility in adapting the cylinder for use on technologically developed sites. With integrated feedback* and limit switches* the smart digital positioner is a versatile replacement for the Kent Mk4, Mk5 and Mk6 positioner. We can fit various different types of smart positioner depending on site requirements and site standard / operator preference.

Wireless Pressure Transducers

Transducer for OEM Applications

• OEM applications such as Smart Homes / wireless thermostats and refrigeration systems
• Lightweight
• Wireless Bluetooth
• Permanent Installation


Uninterrupted Power Supply

ATLAS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS offers excellent support and service


ATLAS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS maintain and service industrial instrumentation and sensors


ATLAS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS support, supply and service products from more than 20 suppliers in the Industrial Instrumentation, Sensors and Process Control arena.

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