Industrial  Instrumentation and Sensors

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Polytec LSV 2100

Pro-Speed LSV-2100 Laser Surface Velocimeter. The next generation optical speed and length sensor ProSpeed® LSV-2100 measures bidirectionally and even detect standstill conditions.
The enhanced connectivity and extended working distances measures up to 3 meters, enhancing control over production processes.
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DELTA Laser Measurement

DELTA’s special designed laser sensors applies to non-contact measurement with high accuracy on hot products, and to withstand the difficult environment of the continuous caster. Typical applications of DELTA sensors include the detection of the product at different locations such as before marking machine or deburring machine.
Measurement of the dimension of slabs, billets and bloom products is important when delivering the product to hot rolling mills.
Key products in the range include the DC series, TL and FT series and the V series. Contact us at for more information

NEXTSENSE's Osiris for Laser Measurement

Osiris – stationary combined profile measurement and surface inspection system

Osiris is a stationary system which is used at the end of the production line to completely check the profile shape including measured values and inspect the surface for defects.
The system is available for hot (directly after rolling line before the cooling bed) or in cold (at the NDT center) condition.
High tech solution for maximum quality control of long rolled products starting from Ø10mm up to 500×500 mm.


FLOWLINE's Liquids and Solids Level Measurement

Application in  day tank, skid or machine, IBC or drum, process tanks and small waste structures. The range is 9.8′ (3m) and the system to configure is with WebCal software for temperatures of  -40º F. (-40º C.) to 176º F. (80º C.)

ABB's Sensi +

One sensor, multi tasking

The single analyser for monitoring multiple natural gas contaminants. Continuous measurements of H2S, H2O and CO2 for custody transfer tariff compliance and
process monitoring with just one device. ABB’s Sensi+ analyser offers a reliable new solution which simplifi es and reduces the cost of pipeline operation and maintenance.
It enables safer, easier, and more effi cient pipeline monitoring and operations through a single device that can analyze up to three contaminants (H2S, H2O, CO2) in any natural gas stream accurately and in real time. Its’ fast response also enables quick reaction to process upsets

ABB's Top Award for Innovation

A gold medal was achieved by ABB during the German Innovation Awards: category Excellence in Business to Business, Electronic Technologies. This award acknowledges a new non-invasive temperature sensor solution, measuring temperature while eliminating the risk of leakage, There is no need to shut the system down, drill holes or install a thermo-well (a thermometer mounted in a protective shield).

ABB’s non-invasive sensor offers:  Faster and more cost-efficient, No need to shut down for installation and service, Suitable for various applications and industries., Increases plant availability, lowers system costs significantly and more than 75% CAPEX cost reduction.


MICRO SWITCH Heavy-Duty Limit Switches from Honeywell

Industrial grade limit switches is the answer where wet, dust, or corrosive environments may be present, Honeywell’s LS2 Series of stainless steel limit switches. The limit switch body and actuating heads are cast from 316 stainless steel. These limit switches are available with a wide variety of actuating heads with a one-pole or two-pole snap-action double-break contact block. A threaded conduit is integral to the switch body with terminal screws for each wiring point on the contact block. Honeywell can provide the switches factory wired for reduced installation. The limit switches
can also be factory wired with the limit switch body epoxy encapsulated, minimizing any dust or liquid migrating to the switch contacts. The limit switches can be front mounted with two through holes or rear mounted with two integral threaded holes from the back side.
As with the other HDLS Series of limit switches, the LS2 Series have UL, CSA, CE, and CCC certifications for global acceptance.

ABB's SensyMaster-FMT200

FMT200 and FMT400

ABB’s thermal mass flowmeters are suitable for all industrial and test rig applications that demand quick and precise gas measurement. The flowmeters directly indicate the mass flow or normalized volume flow of gases without any additional pressure and temperature compensation. They have an impressively high accuracy, short response time and a very wide flow range with virtually no loss of accuracy even at the lowest flow rates Contact us for more information at

C-Star Smart Transmitters – CS-PT606

C-Star offers a smart-transmitter series in high precision digital pressure transducers. The product type is CS-PT606;  the measuring range is 0~2MPa……100MPa and the application is in the aerospace arena.

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