Honeywell’s Wireless Switches and Sensors Installation Instructions

Installation and Technical Manual for the ISA100 Wireless Hazardous Area Limit Switch, WBX Series:

Sensors for Test and Measurement

Honeywell offers two types of low profile, pancake style precision load cells constructed either of stainless steel or carbon steel. Stainless steel low profile pancake load cells feature either bonded foil or foil strain gauges to provide rugged high performance over many cycles of testing, such as in material testing applications. Intrinsically safe and fatigue rated options are available. Our cost-effective general purpose carbon steel pancake load cells offer a compact design which features exceptional structural capability to withstand extraneous loads, such as torque, bending movements, and side loads combined with a high degree of accuracy for general purpose applications. Fatigue resistant and fatigue rated options are available. If you need special modifications or a complete custom design to meet your unique requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Heavy Duty Limit Switches


POSIWIRE® position sensors are used in applications where linear movements of elements have to be exactly positioned. The sensors assure reliable operation in many sectors of automation and processing, as well as in the field of industry and research, e.g. in material handling systems, elevators, hoist and conveyor technologies, and are as well suited for medical equipment and wind power plants.

Turtle Tough Pty Ltd is an Australian company that designs and develops sensors for liquid analysis for the world’s toughest applications.
We are a world leader in the development of electrochemical sensors for hydrometallurgy applications.  We have dedicated years to perfecting measurement solutions in the refining and extraction of gold, copper, nickel, uranium and zinc.  We have also engineered time tested solutions for titanium dioxide production, ammonium nitrate, solvent extraction, and industrial waste water applications.

ABB’s robust flowmeters for heavy duty applications masters critical applications and conserves valuable resources with highly accurate measurement of process parameters in a wide range of industries. It is ideal for a perfect fit for fluids with a high solids content, extremely low conductivity or pulsating flow as well as fluids with non-homogeneous conductivity in the process industry. The design of the flowmeter offers a wide range of industry specific liners, electrodes and sizes to meet a wide variety of needs. The powerful transmitter is easy to use and provides a most stable signal output. It’s measurement performance is unsurpassed in applications with high contents of solids, high content of pulp stock, pulsating flows or other noise.

The FS and Q Interlocks are designed for use as a mechanical interlock for electrical switchgear. This is done through a mechanical connection to the isolation equipment. The standard unit is fitted with a 9.5mm square x 22mm spigot that can be used to operate an isolator. Inserting and turning the key moves the spigot through a predetermined angular position (45°/65°/90° clock or anti clock wise) moving the isolator to closed. Rotating  the key in the opposite direction will open the isolator and will release the key. The free key can then be transferred to operate a parallel supply stream or an access interlock. The FS and Q locks are manufactured in brass or stainless steel making it ideal for harsh or corrosive environments. Visit our website for more information on all our products

The key management allows to know in real time your key movements and improve fast and efficient trace-ability of keys in a secure environment. You can manage all keys and reduce the risk and stop entry into restricted areas. The movement of a key is registered and available in real time via the web interface. Administrators can access and interrogate the status of the system or modify the database via smartphone, tablet or computer.

BAXCELL manifolds have excellent flow regulation and leak tightness.  The operation is smooth, easy, low-torque & long life. Internal surfaces & threads are 100% free from burrs & other foreign particles .Many of the options available with needle valves are available in manifold form.  Complete Bonnet assembly will be similar to needle valves. Manifold valves have stainless steel color coded identity tags affixed to the individual head units, Red for Isolate, Green for Equalize and Yellow for Vent.  Manifolds have plugs as standard on gauge valves only, for all others this is optional.  End connections are ½” NPT(F) & pressure rating is 6000 PSI as standard.

AI-Tek Instruments offers fast response and high-precision tachometers for monitoring and protection. Field programming allows easy installation and upgrading, while minimizing part number variations. Options include 0-20mAdc, 4-20mAdc, -20 to 0 to +20mAdc output, 5-digit display, RS485, 2 solid state relays, 2 mechanical relays, with standard, NEMA 4x or explosion proof enclosures.

The scanning optical system, in association with state-of-the-art infrared photocell technology, is the optimal solution for accurate, fast and reliable detection of product, whatever it’s size and temperature. The Scanning Hot Metal Detector Rota-Sonde DC works under adverse conditions such as water, steam, dust or scale. It is particularly well adapted to applications where the change of the process results in a significant variation of the temperature of the product or a variation of its emissivity factor.

A rotating mirrored drum scans the field of view.
When the analytical beam of the sensor detects infrared radiation from the leading edge of a hot product within the scanned field, the reflection of that radiation by the mirrored drum onto the measuring cell provides a signal which is converted into a “measuring” pulse.
In addition, the sensor generates a reference pulse, which corresponds to the beginning of the scanned field.
The time “t” between the reference pulse and the measuring pulse is equivalent to the angle “a” between the beginning of the scanned field and the position of the leading edge of the hot product. The sensor converts the time “t” into an analogue voltage, which is proportional to the angle “a”, and independent of the scanning motor speed.

Yudian offers the large-screen, touch -screen recorders in 5″, 7″ and 9″ systems. These screens are slimline-integrated designed and fits into small spaces. These systems are ideal to use in the recording of data in a wide variety of equipment at the same time. The menu is easy to us.

The Kent Power Cylinder filter plant air supply with a wide range available to meet most requirements. The system offers nine sizes and maximum thrusts, end with / or trunnion mounting.
A reversible-scale indicator on the position-control unit displays percentage control, pressure required to maintain the piston in any given position. The equalizing valve enables the plant regulating unit to be moved manually in the event of air failure. The piston direction can easily manipulated on site. Various smart positioner’ options are available.

Infrared Sensors
Fife offers a full line of web guiding sensors that meet the most stringent application requirements. All our electronic sensors have been designed for compatibility, making sensor changes user friendly and cost effective.

Reliability and Innovation in the Areas of Pressure and Temperature
We have a highly flexible line of pressure switches and thermostats for pressure and temperature measurement in the areas of industrial automation and production technology. They feature a variety of sensor materials resistant to a wide range of media. Numerous different switching devices are available to meet the required switching characteristics, switching voltages, switching differentials, and switching safety, as well as the special demands of different environmental conditions.

The transmission of the torque is backlash-free and vibration-reducing because of the spider- element. It serves as the compensating element of the servo insert coupling and is determinant for both the characteristics of the coupling and the drive-line. For the modification of these characteristics, the spider elements are available in different shore hardness.
The backlash-free power transmission is achieved by the pre-stress of the spider element inside the hubs. This requires an increased axial assembly force when pushing the hubs together. This can be reduced by the use of lubricants based on silicone (e.g. vaseline/white petroleum jelly). KBK servo insert couplings may only be used in accordance with the technical data stated in the catalogue.

The MICRONOR mechanical devices and sensors are very robust and extremely reliable. Versions for all possible applications are available. OEMs and custom devices can be implemented quickly and on time with our own development and assembly.Devices with positive opener, positive shaft cam connection, for salt spray, with rotational speed up to 100,000 rpm, with a large selection of reduction ratios, sensor signals and housing types.

For quality parameter measurement, Tekon supplies electronic controllers, transmitters and it’s related devices. These products are based on stringent research and development with close relations with our partners in the industry

  • Osiris – stationary combined profile measurement and surface inspection system
    Osiris is a stationary system which is used at the end of the production line to completely check the profile shape including measured values and inspect the surface for defects.
    The system is available for hot (directly after rolling line before the cooling bed) or in cold (at the NDT center) condition.
    High tech solution for maximum quality control of long rolled products starting from Ø10mm up to 500×500 mm.
  • ATON Wire/Rod/Bar:
    By using shadow projection technology we measure the diameter and ovality factor or width/height of the material on 2,3,4 or 6 axes.
    These devices can be used for cold (<40 C°), warm (<200 C°) or hot (< 1200 C°) products for a product size from <1mm up to 120 mm
    We do also have an ATON solution for rebars which produces core diameter, rib height and weight per meter as values.
    This is an inline installation and measures those values continuously for the whole production time.
  • RC220/RC350 – portable profile measurement gauge including profile compare
    This device is used to measure the profile between rolling stands instead of burning wood or cutting a piece, cooling it down and measure it afterward.
    The RC220 helps to raise the safety level of your workers and still get needed profile information of intermediate shapes between your rolling stands.
    With the profile compare feature, you can find out deviations from the desired profile shape compared to the actual measurement easily.
    Unique device to measure hot steel profiles between rolling stands with a fully portable device.
  • C42 Steel with RollShop
    With the C42 you are able to measure complete rolls or single calibers, gaps between rolls and compare them to the desired shape.
    The measurement can be done on the roll shop floor or also when the rolls are in-line.
    Fast and reliable results help to optimize the lifetime of the rolls and get exact wear measurements.
    With the profile compare feature, you can find out deviations from the desired profile shape compared to the actual measurement easily.
    Unique device to measure roll calibers and complete rolls as well as gaps between rolls with a fully portable device.

Transducers Direct is an industry leader due to innovative and custom designs, low-cost products, and World Class Technical Support and Customer Service! We specialize in Wireless Pressure Transducers, Wired Pressure Transducers, Linear and Melt Pressure, Pressure Switches and Custom Sensor Solutions. Since 1999, we have helped OEM’s and End Users alike save millions of dollars; all while improving product performance.

Polytec’s compact velocimeters allow you to contactlessly measure both the length and the velocity of continuous material and piece goods. The measuring device quickly and reliably provides you with length and velocity values for inspection and cut-to-length applications with the precision that can only be achieved through using a laser. The resulting reduced maintenance costs and increased output mean that you will see a fast return on the investment you made in your measuring device. Irrespective of whether your task at hand involves performing measurements on steel, shiny aluminum, oily sheet material, wire, cable or non-metallic materials such as wood, cardboard, building materials and textiles, you can rest assured that the LSV can take measurements on virtually any surface.

JASCH Gauging Systems offers a cost-effective, basic-level QCS systems for the paper, kraft, board and tissue industry, for use where sophisticated DCS systems and CD controls are not cost effective or required. In every other way though, JASCH’s Paper Group with over 300 installations provides the sophistication of measurement and control needed to get the most out of medium to smaller paper machines.
Our measurement offerings include basis weight measurement using Beta sensors; moisture content using very accurate Mid spectrum Infrared sensors (transmission for fine paper and lighter paper grades up to 250 GSM) Microwave moisture where GSM is higher than 250 GSM in board applications; Ash measurement for substrates containing Clay, Calcium Carbonate & Titanium Dioxide, X-Ray sensors; Thickness measurement is provided with a very unique patented Caliper “Low Pressure Footprint” regardless of flutter and edge defects.

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