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October 15, 2018
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October 15, 2018

ABB Coriolis Master


FCB430 and FCB450

Coriolis Master FCB430 and FCB450

CoriolisMaster FCB400 series of compact Coriolis mass flowmeters feature low pressure drop, high capacity, intuitive ABB common display, five modular I/O`s and HART communication.
With no up or downstream piping requirements the compact Coriolis flowmeters can be installed in the tightest spaces, enabling applications not possible before.

The FCB400 series delivers:
Up to five modular I/Os
Multivariable meter design
Optional plug-in cards
Automatic firmware update

Smart Sensor
All digital solution
Installation flexibility
Meter intelligence located in the sensor

Sensor Application Memory
Maximum data security
Plug and play electronics replacement
ABB common look and feel

Easy Set-up
Operation through the glass via capacitive keys
VeriMass on-board verification and diagnostics
Online preventive maintenance
Extended maintenance cycles
Reduced maintenance effort
Designed for 70 °C (158 °F) ambient temperature and high vibrations
Lower pressure drop
Global approvals for explosion protection

The FCB450 adds:
DensiMass software for direct concentration measurement
FillMass software for filling application control