Honeywell General Purpose Limit Switches

Honeywell Hazardous Area Limit Switches BX Series
November 13, 2018
Honeywell Premium Large Basic Switches
November 15, 2018

Honeywell General Purpose Limit Switches



The MICRO SWITCH GLS Series meet IEC standards for worldwide acceptance — for injection molding, PLC interface, machine tooling, elevators and escalators, gaming, packaging and textile, food and beverage, industrial doors, scissor and platform lifts and electronic assembly.


  • Four series meet IEC standards for global acceptance
  • Miniature and standard footprints
  • Choice of plastic, metal, and three conduit options
  • IP66/67 sealing
  • EN50041 and EN50047 mounting patterns
  • Direct-acting NC contacts
  • Analog output option
  • Gold-plated silver contacts within various Series


Honeywell LS and 200LS limit switches feature plug-in and non-plug-in body styles. These switches have a long record of successful performance in industrial applications. The MICRO SWITCH LS fits in many places too small for any other fully adjustable limit switch. The MICRO SWITCH 200LS switches are the original plug-in concept for reducing downtime by making changeover simple and fast. MICRO SWITCH SZL-WL Series limit switches are cost effective switches that may be used in a wide range of applications from general purpose conveyors to heavy-duty machinery.