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November 15, 2018
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November 16, 2018

Honeywell Pressure Switches


Pressure Switch Portfolio

The Honeywell Pressure Switch portfolio consists of:

  • High Pressure, HP and HE Series
  • Medium Pressure, ME Series
  • Low Pressure, LP and LE Series

These pressure switches are durable, reliable electromechanical gauge pressure on/off switches that are available with either single pole single throw (SPST) normally open or normally closed circuitry, or single pole double throw (SPDT) circuitry. Their high proof pressure and burst pressure ratings allow for use in many rugged applications that require the making or breaking of an electrical connection in response to a pressure change of the system media.

The media (gas or liquid) pressure is applied via the port of the switch to a diaphragm or sealed piston. A precompressed spring on the other side of the sealed piston or diaphragm controls the set-point pressure. If the force resulting from the pressure is greater than the load on the spring, the electrical contacts within the switch will change state. If the contacts are normally open when no pressure is applied, they close on increasing pressure when the set point is reached. On decreasing pressure, the contacts will open again at a pressure somewhat less than the set switching point. The difference between the activation point on increasing pressure and the deactivation point on decreasing pressure is called hysteresis. The set point pressure for the switch can be configured such that the switch will actuate on increasing or decreasing system pressure.

Value to Customers

  • Designed to provide durability and reliability of the end product due to up to two million life cycle rating and IP67 rating which provides resistance to corrosion and extends equipment life
  • Can expedite the customers’ design and production cycle due to ability to receive samples in two weeks and production units in four weeks, a global supply chain which assures availability throughout the development cycle, multiple ports and electrical terminations which simplify integration, and global application expertise which allows customers with a global footprint to obtain regional support
  • Can reduce the customers’ total costs due to standard connections which eliminate tooling costs, long product life which reduces service costs, and expedited design and production cycle which lowers manufacturing labor costs


  • Pressure port gauge snubber suppresses pressure spikes
  • IP67 sealing provides enhanced durability in harsh environmental and washing applications
  • Plated steel, brass or stainless steel options