GaugeMax Metals – ITG-2000/XTG-2000

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September 4, 2018
KBK Metal Bellow Couplings – KB1
September 5, 2018

GaugeMax Metals – ITG-2000/XTG-2000




ITG-2000 / XTG-2000 online thickness gauges measure the thickness of ferrous & non-ferrous metal strip on cold rolling mills/coating lines/strip processing lines. The system is supplied with custom fabricated C-frame which is designed to prevent sensors from oil/coolant ingress and are designed rugged to tolerate strip hit during coil breakage etc. and for maintenance free operation. Hundreds of installations Worldwide are evidence of the market acceptance and capability of our ITG-2000/XTG-2000 systems.


  • Non-contact measurement
  • High speed spot / scanning measurement and 1msec AGC output
  • Air gap temperature compensation for measurement on hot webs
  • Highly precise C-frame / O-frame free from deflection and misalignment
  • Comprehensive Production Reports
  • Integrated water cooling Jacket
  • Suitable for measurement of MS, SS, Aluminum, Copper etc.

Measurement Modes

  • Single Spot Measurement – The measuring head is normally positioned at center of the strip and optionally can be positioned at any point across the strip width. In this mode, the thickness gauge measures the machine direction trend of the strip thickness.
  • Continuous Scanning Mode – In this mode the measuring head continuously scans from edge to edge on the strip. After each scan, the cross profile of the strip thickness is displayed on the operator screen.