Scanning Hot Metal Detector with Laser Pointer

Scanning Hot Metal Detector with flame filter for Tube Mills
November 12, 2018
Scanning Hot Metal Detector
November 12, 2018

Scanning Hot Metal Detector with Laser Pointer


Rota-Sonde DC4000-L


  • Easy alignment of the sensor with integrated laser pointer
  • Assured detection regardless of the transverse position of the product
  • Precise detection thanks to the narrow lateral field
  • Reliable detection even in the presence of steam or dust thanks to the small analysing beam
  • Photosensitive cell that best suits application in rolling mills, despite scale and steam
  • Very low maintenance, virtually nil in some cases


The Rota-Sonde DC4000-L is a scanning hot metal detector for continuous caster and rolling mill applications, offering two sensitivity ranges and two self-monitoring functions.
The “high sensitivity” range enables detection of steel product at a temperature as low as 230 °C.
In this way, the Rota-Sonde DC4000-L is convenient for all hot metal detection applications in the Steel Industry and its self-monitoring facility optimises preventive maintenance.

Examples of applications

The Rota-Sonde DC4000-L is perfectly suitable for all detection applications of low-temperature rolled product or low emissivity materials such as hafnium.
It is also convenient for applications where a change in the process or material leads to major variations in the temperature of the product or its emissivity, as after quenching, or for special steels, etc…