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October 22, 2018
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Baxcell Other Gauge Accessories


Gauge Accessories

BAXCELL Check Valves are designed with high integrity leak rates & resealing capabilities for unidirectional flow of fluids & gases in Chemical, Processing, Oil & Gas production & transmission, Pharmaceutical, Power & Utilities.

Key features:
Blow out resistant seat design
Back stopped Poppet minimizes back stress
Port connection from 1/8” to 1” include Male & Female NPT / BSPP / BSPT , BAX–LOK compression end. Cracking pressure include 0.02 Bar to 1.2 Bar.
Pressure Ratings : 1/8” to ½” – 3000 Psi , ¾” to 1” – 1500 Psi.

BAXCELL Pressure gauge cocks provide an economical way to shut off the flow of air to pressure instrument , which easily allows to isolate the pressure gauge from the pressure media in order to enable inspection or replacement of the gauge where the pressure is continuously pulsating. These gauge cock can be used to isolate the gauge from process or to bypass the process for gauge maintenance.

Key features:
NPT / BSPP / BSPT – Variety of process connection
1/8” to 1” – Variety of sizes to suit the application


Any system which has pressure spikes, water hammers, pressure pulsations from a pump or rapid pressure changes, then the life of instruments / sensors will be shortened due to this. BAXCELL Pressure snubbers if used will prolong the life of Instruments / Sensors as it will suppress / dampen the effect of pressure pulses & peaks. It is very easy to install & is installed between gauge / transducer & process.

Adjustable snubbers are provided with an adjustable needle valve which allow the operator to restrict the flow as operating conditions demand when snubber is in service. Snubbers are effective for applications with pressure above 5 Psi.

The purpose of Bleed Valve is for assisting calibration of control devices or whenever instrument is removed to vent the line pressure either to atmosphere or to containment when used with optional barbed vent tube.
Baxcell bleed valves can be used on instrumentation devices such as Multi – Valve Manifolds or Gauge / Root Valves